For lidt over 2 år siden startede en gruppe engelske forskere YouTube-kanalen RALLI campaign. Formålet med kampagnen og med YouTube-kanalen er at informere om sprogvanskeligheder og især at informere om SLI (specific language impairment) eller på dansk ’specifikke sprogforstyrrelser’. I spidsen for kampagnen er professor Dorothy Bishop fra Oxford Universitet.
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Running disorder

Sakset fra Cortenay Norburys blog Behind the scenes at SCALES (http://bit.ly/Qfuvh1):

“As the current debacle that is DSM-5 clearly illustrates, deciding what is and what is not a ‘disorder’ is not as straightforward as we would like it to be. To give you an idea of why this may be so, I thought I’d talk you through my own disorder – I have a significant running impairment. You may not have heard of Running Impairment (RI) before, but we can think about diagnosing RI in much the same way we need to think about diagnosing language impairment (see for example, the Great SLI Debate).
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