10 tidlige tegn på taledyspraksi

Fra ASHAs blog har jeg sakset denne liste over advarselstegn på ‘childhood apraxia of speech’ (ofte forkortet CAS), som vi på dansk kalder enten verbal dyspraksi eller taledyspraksi. Interessant nok er det specialiserede logopæder, der stiller dyspraksi-diagnosen i USA. Ikke neurologer eller andre medicinere!

Forfatteren skriver i indlæggets indledning: »I urge all SLPs to learn more about CAS, because the disorder requires a specialized approach different from other commonly used treatments for speech and language delays.«

Here are 10 early signs and symptoms of childhood apraxia of speech:

  • Limited babbling, or variation within babbling
  • Limited phonetic diversity
  • Inconsistent errors
  • Increased errors or difficulty with longer or more complex syllable and word shapes
  • Omissions, particularly in word initial syllable shapes
  • Vowel errors/distortions
  • Excessive, equal stress
  • Loss of previously produced words
  • More difficulty with volitional versus automatic speech responses
  • Predominant use of simple syllable shapes

Other non-speech “soft signs” that may be present include:

  • Impaired volitional oral movements (oral apraxia)
    • Difficulty with volitional “smiling” “kissing” “puckering”
  • Delays with fine/gross motor skills
  • Feeding difficulties that include choking and/or poor manipulation of food
  • General awkwardness or clumsiness

These are early signs, but many overlap with other phonologic and language delays, so it’s important to keep in mind that differential diagnosis is critical, as over-diagnosis of CAS remains problematic. It’s still a relatively rare disorder; however, there are resources that can help if you suspect it.

You can tap the below resources to learn more about childhood apraxia of speech.

Apraxia-kids.org (CASANA):

  • Offers a growing library of on-demand webinars for professionals and parents.
  • Maintains a list of SLPs nationwide who are CASANA-recognized with advanced training and expertise and who are available for consult.



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